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  1. Seems phishy... the odds of this being legit are extremely slim when you put into consideration Amazon is worth hundreds of billion of shekels.
  2. Howdy, I’m admin History. You can call me Father too 😉
  3. Which free VPNs do you use that work the best? I don’t want to pay for NordVPN or another paid service.
  4. Maybe because some users were abusing the bot system on kik and making bots that were a little “out there”.
  5. Hi NulledSec Users! What should we add to NulledSec? We are looking for ideas to implement in NulledSec to make it an even better website for all users. If you have any ideas on what we should add, feel free to add them below. and no, we are not adding a slave market.
  6. Hey There, Kik actually has their very own bot making platform you can use. If you Bot is good ( and appropriate enough ) it can actually be placed in their bot store for others to use. Here’s their bot making platform: https://bots.kik.com/#/
  7. Found this free ebook about google dorking. Thought it was interesting. https://www.academia.edu/7803163/Google_Hacks
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