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Pretends he knows shit while he doesn't. I've hit him from that ip when i first pulled it, but he kept coming with excuses like: "I logged out." And "It's an emulator." "It's a vpn." Often changes. :party_parrot:


Fuck SELinux, fuck skids lmao @SecurityEnhanced


(No, it's not a softether ip, thats another lie of his.)



ily oriana uwu ❤️

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Good job bro!

0 open ports :(

Dude's partial email: s***[email protected]***j  (i think he just typed random shit in the email field)

I checked it, it's most def. Not a vpn.

It's static, which is awesome.

[email protected] - That's his isp's abuse email. Maybe shoot 'em a email detailing his skiddiness.

Should I post it to pastebin? Also, what'd this skid do?


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